XFINITY Prepaid Snapchat Ads

These ads were some of many video projects moving through my prior employer’s design teams, who I would work with to animate and edit through Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere. While working closely with Snapchat’s ad guidelines and correspondents from Snapchat directly, I learned a ton about modern, app-oriented marketing that I utilize to…

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XFINITY Watchathon 2017 Case Study Video

In an effort to showcase our work as an agency on the 2017 Watchathon website, I was asked to cut, edit, record some footage (screen walkthroughs), select music for, and animate a case-study video about the project at my place of employment at the time. This project involved a constant, quick-paced back-and-forth with multiple teams…

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XFINITY Prepaid/Boost In-Store Promo – Internet/TV Ad

(PASSWORD AVAIABLE UPON REQUEST) Created in Adobe After-Effects and Adobe Premiere at a previous place of employment, this ad was aired for a period of time in select XFINITY/Boost Mobile locations. I took direction and worked closely with our design team/creative director to edit and animate┬áthis into it’s current form. The storyboard and script went…

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