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In 2017, my employer at the time offered it’s nearby neighbor, Christ Church of Philadelphia and the Christ Church Burial Grounds, a complete website overhaul. As the sole developer on this project, I developed a unique template through PHP/JavaScript/CSS with a revamped WordPress back-end experience designed specifically for the client’s ease-of-use in future content management. As one of the oldest churches in the United States that received attendance from notable historical figures like George Washington, Robert Morris, Benjamin Franklin and Betsy Ross, the previous site displayed a wealth of information that would be reworked and made to be more accessible through the new site-design. The site featured a seasonal information pop-up system, a tour RSVP front-end patron form and back-end client experience, and multiple content templates that would automatically scale/wrap to the specific attributes of each client upload. In the final deliverable, I included a detailed client-guide and trained the content managers at the time on the site’s back-end use. From 2017-2019, I performed regular front and back-end maintenance on the site, and added content-features as requested by the client.

Some aspects of the final deliverable are no longer displayed currently.


Project Details

Date: 2015-2016